10 Everyday Health Tips for a Better Life

Working out is important for living a healthy life, but health goes much deeper than 30 minutes on the treadmill. There are many small things you can do during the day to reduce stress, decrease weight gain, and improve your metabolism.

Here are some of the best every day health tips that everyone can incorporate into their hectic schedules. 

1. Skip the cream and sugar when prepping your morning coffee. If you can’t drink it black, choose just one packet of raw sugar and 1 tablespoon of organic dairy or almond milk. This helps you avoid unnecessary calories and preservatives.

2. Establish a nighttime routine. HealthCommunities.com explains how getting enough sleep can help you reach your weight loss goals.

3. Eat when you’re hungry. Too often we eat because we’re bored, especially when working in an office, where snack foods are readily available. Ask yourself, “Am I hungry enough to have an apple?” If the answer is no, then wait to see if the hunger subsides.

4. Avoid eating large meals before bed, according to Charles Patrick Davis, MD, PhD. Find out why at MedicineNet.com.

5. Drink more water. Carry a water bottle with you at all times. Drinking more water will keep you full, cutting back on unnecessary snacking.

6. Don’t fill yourself to the brim, says Shannon Clark. Find out how this will help reduce fat at BodyBuilding.com.

7. Eat breakfast. Buy grab-and-go breakfast options at the grocery store like yogurt and fruit.

8. Take time to breathe—yes, breathe. When you’re stressed, you’ll notice that your breathing is shallow. Check in with yourself regularly, or on particularly stressful days. Find out what to do if you find you’re breathing is a bit shallow at Shape.com.

9. Keep peppermint oil nearby. See how it can help with your tension headaches at WholeLiving.com.

10. Eat like a kid, says Christina Reiter, M.S., R.D. What does this mean? See what she suggests at Gaiam.com.


Jessica Thiefels

Jessica Thiefels has been writing for more than 10 years and is currently a lifestyle blogger. She's also the editor of Whooo’s Reading and a content manager for Carpe Daily. She owns her own small fitness business, Honest Body Fitness, and is using her experience from writing, editing and marketing to become a successful entrepreneur.

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