3 Reasons You Should Go Out of Your Way to Be Kind

Although scientific research shows we, as humans, are wired for kindness, we’ve all had our not-so-friendly moments or even days. However, devoting time each and every day to cultivating a compassionate attitude can really go a long way. In fact, research shows our capacity grows more with practice and being kind can promote happiness and even improve life satisfaction.

1. You’ll Feel Better

Positive activities boost optimistic and feel-good emotions. For example, when’s the last time you started your day by going out of your way to do something kind for someone else? Maybe you gave someone a ride to work, brought your co-worker a coffee or simply smiled at a stranger. Didn’t it make for a great rest of your morning? While frequency and variation is important, small acts of kindness will put you in a better mood!

2. It’s Actually Healthy

Whenever you feel emotional warmth, the hormone oxytocin is produced in the brain and throughout the body. This hormone is known as ‘cardioprotective’ because it helps to lower blood pressure. So, acts of kindness can protect your heart!

3. Watch the Ripple Effect

Spreading kindness has been known to create a ripple effect–a 3-degree of separation, spreading out and touching the lives of others. Imagine a world where everyone went out of their way to be kind on a daily basis. It’s important that we strive to be kind to others and teach the next generation about compassion. One company, Couponbox.com, hopes to do just that. For Kid Kindness Month in January, Couponbox is hosting a contest where three kids will have a chance to win $2,000. The money will be used to implement their act of kindness submitted to the contest. Enter to win here: https://www.couponbox.com/kidkindness/index.php.

Kindness is a language that the deaf can hear and the blind can see- Mark Twain

Caroline Liller

Caroline has experience in digital marketing, content marketing and public relations. She earned a bachelor of arts degree in journalism/PR from The University of South Carolina. When not working, she enjoys traveling, being active and exploring her hometown.

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