3 Ways To Never Lose Your Car Keys Again

Losing your car keys has to be one of the most frustrating experiences in life. Your entire day can be ruined by that little tiny piece of metal. Not to mention the cost of a replacement car key – they can run into the hundreds of dollars.

If you’ve ever had the experience of losing your car keys before, we’re pretty confident that you would like to avoid repeating that experience! Follow these three tips so you’ll never have to deal with lost car keys again.

Follow a habit

Create a habit for yourself every time you put your keys somewhere. For example, set three places where your keys are allowed to be, such as the car ignition, your dresser, and your kitchen table. Discipline yourself to never place your car keys anywhere else. By ingraining this into your mind as a set habit, you’ll ensure that there are only three places your car keys will ever be.

Get a Bluetooth tracker

Bluetooth tracking devices, such as tile, allow you to find your car keys (or anything else you attach the tracker to) with your smartphone. Anytime, anyplace – if you have your phone, you can find your keys!

Hide a spare car key

If you ever do lose your car keys, having a spare hidden somewhere will get you on your way quickly. We’ve included a handy graphic below from Seattle Lock Master locksmiths to help you find the best place to hide your spare car key.

Car Key Places

Here’s to never losing your car keys again!

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