5 Fashion Don’ts that are Now Do’s

Just a year or two ago the following hot fashion trends were considered passé, dorky or a couple, even taboo. Fast forward a few one hundred days and now these trends are kicking up admiring stares and adopters in a flash.

1. White sneakers

These comfy sneaks are not your older sister’s or your mom’s Keds of two-plus decades ago. White shoes, whether they have thin tread or are pumped up with a platform, are being worn by celebs, many teens and fashionistas. Spotted on many European streets a year ago, now they’re hitting metro cities, high schools and beyond in the U.S.

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Photo credit: Everlane

2. Low arm-hole tops

When the shirt is cut just the right way, there’s a hint of breast showing—which really isn’t risqué. Yet a lot of fashion-focused ladies are daring to bare more in these tops—from the gym and barre class to the dance floor and even the streets. A hint of skin is good, just remember that revealing too much of the “side cleavage” is as bad, if not worse than the old-fashioned cleavage.

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Photo credit: ASOS

3. High-waisted pants

Look at movies from the nineties and boom, their they are: high-waisted pants, jeans; everything was pulled up to the bottom of the rib cage. Today’s high-waisted pants flaunt more sophistication and don’t scream MOM JEANS—EEEK! Many different fabrics show off features like the sailor-buttoned look to special slimming seamed pants. When these are paired with a crop top (especially flared pants) the high-waisted look is of this century and can say “I’m polished and put together.”

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 12.23.34 PM
Photo Credit: Cusp, by Neiman Marcus 

4. Ruffles

Ruffles come and go. Minimal ruffles ruled at the office a few years ago (think JCrew). Today, it’s all about making sure the ruffles don’t overwhelm anyone who wears them. Rules about ruffles: less is more if you’re petite. And more is OK to flaunt at fun events, versus the office.

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 12.25.01 PM
Photo credit: Marie Claire 

5. Slip Dresses

Many of these dresses may look like you’re wearing slips from back in the day. But now boho and chic come together with an acceptable ethereal look of slip dresses in both striking colors and natural hues. But just as with #2, make sure you have the body type to rock the loose fitting straps and minimal fabric at the top of these dresses.

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 12.25.31 PM
Photo credit: Neiman Marcus 

Holly Rollins

Holly has more than 20 years experience in strategic marketing, content marketing, digital marketing and public relations. She is a style and fashion zealot, loving to travel the world for business and fun, while seeking out the latest cultural and fashion movements. She loves to paint, paddle board and is addicted to Barre workout classes.

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