Content Marketing Tools for SMBs in 2021

For many small business owners, quality content marketing is the backbone of organic website traffic and conversion rates. In fact, while content marketing costs 62 percent less than other print and digital methods, it can generate three times more leads per dollar than traditional methods.

As businesses adapt to a digital-focused revenue model, content marketing will remain a key player in the process. If you plan to boost your own virtual presence in 2021, here are six content marketing tools you should know about and invest in:

1. For Analytics: Finteza

This robust reporting platform allows you to monitor various content performance metrics. This includes overall digital traffic or the conversion of each call-to-action. In addition, Finteza tracks information about your core target audience, from their geographic locations to the devices they use and the medium of content they prefer. The program consolidates all of this data into real-time marketing reports. This will help you to visualize which strategies are the most effective.

2. For SEO-Driven Content: TextOptimizer

This content marketing tool equips marketers with data and insights to help content rank higher in search engine results. Users can browse a list of questions that are commonly searched to help guide their content, running the final product through the Text Optimizer for projected SEO rankings. This process assists with keyword placement and general writing style to maximize the content’s organic traffic potential. For more tips on how to refine and optimize your content, check out these effective SEO strategies to help improve your overall audience reach. 

3. For Video Creation: Lumen5

Lumen5 makes it easy to convert existing articles or blog posts into video content for social media followers. Their artificial intelligence software pulls text from the selected article. Then, it uses the text to create a storyboard of images, music and voiceover to create a cohesive visual product. You can also customize the video with specific colors, fonts or background themes to ensure brand continuity. 

4. For Writing Collaboration: Bit.AI

Bit.Al enables employees, clients and project managers to collaboratively work together on content development and streamline standard processes. Files or documents are shared on the interface, where other colleagues are then able to make edits, insert comments and open a chat thread for additional dialogue. Whether you want feedback on a solo assignment or need to coordinate with a larger team, Bit.AI helps keep the content organized and communication simplified.

5. For Optimized Titles: HeadlineAnalyzer

This platform assists writers to create click-optimized headlines for blog posts, social media copy and email subject lines. Five times as many users will read a headline over those who view the content itself, making a good first impression essential for content engagement. This program analyzes and provides feedback on the features of your headline. This can include the number of characters, balance of SEO keywords, user readability or emotional sentiment.

6. For Branding Cohesion: Venngage 

Use Venngage to design unique, customizable infographics through a library of templates, charts, graphs and custom visuals. The “My Brand Kit” feature helps users curate and save an entire portfolio of branded elements which automatically translate to infographic creation. This process ensures the brand imagery remains consistent and visible across all forms of content.   

Building Your Tech Stack

From articles to videos, infographics and social media posts, these content marketing tools will help you both create and promote effective, user-conscious content. As you think ahead to 2021, invest in marketing tools that will help you increase search engine visibility, website traffic, consumer interest and, ultimately, conversion rates.

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