Top Digital Tools for the Remote Entrepreneur

Modern startups need effective digital tools. From maintaining customer communication to internal team collaboration and operations management, rest assured: there’s a tool (or app) built for that. 

With so many resources available, it can be difficult to find the solution that’s best suited for your business. We’ve broken down some of the most popular digital solutions for entrepreneurs below.

Getting Started

Before you dive in, carefully assess what tools your business needs and what outcomes you hope to achieve. Databox recommends using the following analysis cadence before making any choices:

  • Level set: What are you trying to achieve, and what can you achieve realistically?
  • Identify goals: Why are you looking for a solution now, and what parts of your business need support?
  • Read reviews: Company websites are a great resource but don’t be afraid to branch out. Ask colleagues or existing clientele about the specific tool’s functionality and efficacy.
  • Ask for a demo: Before you purchase a digital solution, ask for a demonstration. Representatives will walk you through how the software works and its applications, giving you a good sense of how it may or may not improve your business. 

The Top Digital Tools

From project management software to graphic design solutions and customer relationship game-changers, here are some of the most popular remote team tools available for entrepreneurs:

1. Trello

Missed deadlines or unorganized processes can cause unnecessary frustration for your team when completing client or internal assignments. Trello is a project management tool that allows leaders to map tasks to specific team members, improving both accountability and prioritization. The boards, lists and cards all work together to create a dynamic, digital environment that maintains project visibility among all team members.

2. Canva

Canva is a small, remote team’s secret weapon. “If you’re not using the freemium graphic design platform Canva, you’re missing out,” shared Holly Rollins, digital marketing expert and remote agency CEO. “While we have graphic designers on staff for complex projects, the functionality of Canva allows for anyone on our team to create on-brand visuals. Especially for small businesses or solopreneurs, Canva’s user-friendly interface, drop-and-drag functionality, and wealth of templates allow anyone to create stunning visual content.”

3. Slack

Slack is your one-stop-shop for team communications needs. It enables private messages between coworkers and designated groups to improve both the speed and quality of collaboration. With both free and paid software versions available, there’s an opportunity for every business to enhance its internal connections (and GIF game).

4. Google Analytics

You’ve probably heard of the platform, but let’s talk about the benefits of Google Analytics. It’s free, universally-used, and one of the best digital solutions that any entrepreneur can leverage right now. Google Analytics allows you to track potential customer behavior on your website, close deals, build consumer profiles, and identify new income streams. If that hasn’t sold you, it has the marketer’s dream functionality: fully-customizable data reports.

5. Hubspot

Are you struggling to close business and get customers through your sales funnel? Hone in on your relationship strategy and dig into the “why” of your concerns. Is it your website? Are you following up frequently with customers to maintain relationships? Hubspot allows marketers to log, track and execute every event in the buyer’s journey–from start to finish. It leverages insight from your sales funnel while easily integrating with a robust CMS system to improve overall business health.

Leverage Remote Team Tools to Optimize Your Workflow 

Whether you’re refining your workflow, evolving customer engagement strategies or keeping your team connected, these digital tools are essential to help your remote business succeed. If you’re not sure which resources are right for you, consider setting up a demo session with a product representative for further details.

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