Fashion Meets Technology

The fashion industry is constantly changing with both new and old trends emerging every season. Alexa Fleischman and Lauren Wallace are two entrepreneurs who have brought about a new fashion trend unlike any other–incorporating the use of technology.

Fleischman and Wallace launched Savvy Society, their very own shoe brand, which allows girls to design an emblem that will be printed by a 3D printer and then placed on a pair of ballet flats in order to better educate young girls about computer-aided design. Savvy Society is now an official fellow of the Tory Burch Fellowship Competition for female entrepreneurs and are competing for a chance to win an investment of $100,000. To learn more about the work of these innovative fashionistas visit

Caroline Liller

Caroline has experience in digital marketing, content marketing and public relations. She earned a bachelor of arts degree in journalism/PR from The University of South Carolina. When not working, she enjoys traveling, being active and exploring her hometown.

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