Get Your Caffeine Fix at Cut-Price Cost

coffee-cost-usa-and-worldwide_FotorA recent study of the cost of coffee worldwide released by the Austrian-based company Couponbox, reveals Dubai as the most expensive location to get your cappuccino fix. The study also uncovered some additional unique statistics about coffee consumption, calorie counts and where to purchase you’re favorite cup of coffee at a cut-price cost:

  • In the US, McDonald’s coffee retailed at the cheapest cost, while Tully’s is the most expensive, charging almost a dollar more per cup;
  • Mid-range offerings in the US are ruled by Starbucks;
  • Also, Tully’s and Dunkin Donuts offer the lowest cappuccino calorie count;
  • A cappuccino from Dubai and Hong Kong are the most expensive worldwide at $4.35/cup;
  • The cost of the largest Starbucks cappuccino in Istanbul costs less than the smallest Starbucks cappuccino in New York City.

Americans consume 3.14 billion pounds of coffee beans each year.

Main infographic and interesting findings here.


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