Decorating for the Holidays: Find Your Personal Style

Christmas is just around the corner, and with it comes garlands, tinsel and a never-ending to-do list of holiday planning. One of the ways to instantly create cheer is to decorate your house. In order to fuel the festive spirit, start by setting the scene: should you go bold with opulent, over-the-top decorations, or stay classic with a simple tree? We’ll help you find your style (and decorate for the holidays) below with some of our special, season-specific tips:

Finding Your Style

How you design should be a reflection of who you are. Before we get started with a few recommendations, ask yourself, which of these statements sounds most like you? 

  1. The holidays are all about nostalgia for me. My goal is for the décor to feel warm, comforting and homey.
  2. I love making a splash, and holiday decorations are no exception. I want my décor to feel fresh, bright and fun. 
  3. I’m over all of the Christmas paraphernalia. I want a few thoughtfully chosen decorations for a calming holiday vibe.

Depending on your choice, we’ve got a perfect correlating Christmas décor style below. As you read along, don’t be afraid to mix and match aesthetics. When all is said and done, if the space feels like it belongs to you, your holiday decorations are a success!

Choice A: Classic Christmas

Image source: Pinterest, Martha Stewart Living

This style perfect for the Christmas traditionalist. Classic Christmas blends the best of old-world Christmas with your favorite childhood memories. It’s all about those special, cozy touches. Classic Christmas is the décor version of a hot chocolate with marshmallows: nothing’s too perfect or too fussy. When you look at it, it’ll remind you of home. 

Treat your home to a classic Christmas makeover, featuring all the wreaths and Christmas trees of your childhood. A ‘real’ Christmas tree is a must—lean into the European Christmas market aesthetic and cover it with dried oranges, cinnamon, and cranberry garlands for an old-world feel. Plaid and tartan should be your go-to patterns, with a few bowls of decorative walnuts to set the mood. For more Classic Christmas décor inspiration, check out Apartment Therapy’s comprehensive guide to designing a Hallmark-worthy holiday home.

Choice B: Bohemian Christmas

Image source: Pinterest, Jungalow

If cranberry garlands aren’t your vibe, and you want to inject some SERIOUS color into your Christmas, go for a Bohemian Christmas. Boho-chic holiday design is all about fun decorations, wild patterns, and whimsical touches. It’s the décor version of a glass of warm mulled wine–a familiar classic with a whole lot of spice. 

Boho-chic is all about color, so don’t be afraid to focus on everything merry and bright. Choose garlands of colorful pom-poms and fluorescent lights, filling the Christmas tree with all the whimsical, custom ornaments you can find. For expert stylists at Nina’s Apartment, more is more: “Use a crocheted, patchwork or woven round rug as a tree skirt. The more colors and bohemian patterns you add into the mix, the more fun you’ll have!”

Choice C: Minimalist Christmas

Image source: Pinterest, Nesting Place

For those who want to scale back on the decorations, but not on the Christmas spirit, Minimalist Christmas is absolutely the way to go. With its hygge roots, this aesthetic is all about simplicity and coziness, with understated Nordic elements. It’s the peppermint tea of holiday décor ideas; warm, festive and simply wonderful.

Focus on the essentials. Decorate your tree with soft white lights, neutral ornaments, spare wreaths, and winter branch arrangements. Natural colors are the key. Opt for a palette of whites, grays, and browns for a truly authentic feel.

Holiday Decoration Storage

We don’t want to talk about it either, but Christmas must come to an end. Taking your decorations down is often the worst part of holiday planning, but it’s still essential. For help making your storage strategy seamless, here are some guidelines from the experts at Home Beautiful:

  • Plastic storage boxes are ideal for most Christmas decorations. Label them individually to make finding the right items next year a breeze. 
  • Cardboard boxes are best for vintage decorations. They keep out condensation more efficiently than plastic. If you’re anxious about your childhood decorations lasting until next year, silica gels are a great way to keep dampness at bay. 
  • Group similarly-sized items together, and get creative with your packing. Egg cartons are a perfect way to store small ornaments, as are wine cases with dividers.
  • Wrap delicate decorations in tissue paper. Keep an eye out when your family is unwrapping presents this year and save the tissue paper–it’s an economical (and safe) way to store all your Christmas trinkets. 

Embrace Your Style When Holiday Planning for Decor 

With a little bit of planning and a whole lot of love, you’ll be sure to have a fantastic holiday season—no matter how you choose to decorate. Make your home a reflection of what you love, and we can promise you’ll feel the holiday cheer.

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