How to Create SEO-friendly Infographics

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 1.23.47 PMIn the past five years, the use of infographics (IGs) in digital marketing has soared. Learning through visuals is a proven successful method for faster information retention. The brain is an image processor and retains and retrieves information from visual stimuli faster than abstract text. When visual graphics are well researched and well designed, they can appeal to the right audience and help boost search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns. When content becomes highly shareable, you can rank higher.

IG Tips:

  • Primary research is important: base your IG content off hard data–obtained through online surveys or focus groups, created¬†this informative Real Time Spending IG¬†based off hard data and a vetted algorithm;
  • Design follows content: avoid elementary IG templates, customize an IG that sets you apart from your competition and other IGs;
  • News release: if you’ve done your research well, you can draft a news release based on the hard data you found and link to your content-rich IG and pitch to the media;
  • Promote via social media: don’t forget to promote your IG on all social media so your audience will see it;
  • Gain editorial links: the media is more receptive to publishing IGs that contain noteworthy data and captivating graphics, earning you editorial links and helping your SEO.

Using all of the techniques and tips above should help your IG rank higher than average, based on your intended industry, keywords and hashtags.

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