How to Make Your Home Cozy: 7 Interior Design Tips

Winter is coming, and many of us are still working remotely and spending most of our days inside our homes. But just because the days are darker and colder doesn’t mean your house has to be. By implementing a few simple interior design tricks, you can transform your living space into a cozy escape that will help you make the most of the months ahead. 

1. Add Multiple Textures 

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When the world gets cold, there’s nothing that helps warm up your space both visually and tactility, like adding a variety of welcoming textures. Chunky knit blankets on your sofa, and faux-fur area rugs are simple ways to make your home cozy, but you don’t have to stop there. 

To further level up your coziness, think tapestries on your walls, textured table runners, or embrace the macrame trend.  

2. Incorporate Accent Lighting 

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The short days of winter can make your home feel darker, which can also make it feel less welcoming and smaller. Accent lighting—whether through copper wire fairy lights, dreamy candles, or floor lamps—can help brighten your home, making it feel more expansive and inviting. 

For the renters out there, worry not; there are tons of available lighting options that don’t require wiring or major damage to walls. For example, check out these DIY battery-powered sconces. Feel free to think out-of-the-box with your accent lighting! Do you have a dark bathroom without a window? Add some LED strip-lighting to your mirror, or place an art-deco small table-top lamp on your sink. Lanterns (with either simulated or real candles) are another trendy option to add more warmth and light into your rooms.

3. Create Reading Nooks 

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There are few things cozier than snuggling up with a book on a chilly winter’s day. While heading to your local coffee shop to read may not be realistic this year, you can make your home just as welcoming. It’s super easy to set-up a reading nook and also a great way to maximize un-used corners or space. Simply:

  • Find a great chair or beanbag. You could also use cushions and pillows in a corner or on a window/bench seat.
  • Add a small accent rug.
  • Try to place it near natural light (a window) but also include a reading lamp for evenings.
  • Complement with a small side table. You could even upcycle a crate or an old TV tray. 
  • Infuse more coziness with candles, a blanket, or plants. 

4. Warm Up Your Lights

While accent lighting makes a huge difference, the effect can get washed out if your primary lighting sources are cold, harsh, or too strong. Consider swapping out your standard lightbulbs (like in your overhead light sources) for ones that offer warmer, softer lighting. You’ll want to choose light bulbs with a softer or warmer color temperature to creating a more welcoming and subdued vibe. 

5. Make Your Workspace Inviting

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If you’re working from home, as many of us are, it’s easy to fall into the trap of replicating a sterile office environment or using the kitchen table. But being comfortable can actually increase your productivity

Make your office as cozy, welcoming, and inviting as any other space in your home. Start with putting a plush area rug underneath your desk. Add a small throw on your chair to put on your lap during chillier days. If your space gets dark easily, add an extra lamp behind your computer so as not to strain your eyes. Light candles during those dreary mornings or when it gets dark at 4 pm. Incorporate plants for a bit of color and freshness. 

Don’t forget to hang art or decorations that make you happy near your desk. One of the best perks of a home office is decorating and accessorizing to your individual style! 

6. Engage All Your Senses 

While lights and textures are a significant part of making your home cozy, don’t neglect your other senses as well. Certain scents—like cinnamon, vanilla, or pine—can make every breath a soothing experience. If you’re maxed out on candles, consider budget-friendly options like lighting palo santo sticks or sage. 

Cozy soundscapes can also improve your environment; the gentle sound of a crackling fire or soft rain can instantly relax you. If not available to you, mimic a fireplace or rain with your smart speaker. Music streaming services like Spotify have tons of calming, soothing playlists. 

7. Think About What Cozy Means For You 

When you’re trying to figure out how to make your home cozy, remember to think about what comfort means to you. Some people feel better in clean and minimalist spaces. While for others, comfy means tons of blankets, pillows, and lots of their favorite nick-nacks. One person’s clutter may be another person’s cozy. 

Don’t be afraid to embrace the objects that make you truly happy. If you’re a book lover, stack some of your fave paperbacks on a shelf or near your desk with fun book stops. Are you dreaming of sunny, tropical escapes? Find a piece of art that celebrates that environment and hang it up. Do you love celebrating the holidays? Then decorate your home to your heart’s extent, even if you won’t have guests to enjoy with you this year. Revel in whatever makes you feel content, comfortable, and happy. 

Make Your House Cozy 

We’re spending more time than ever in our homes, so do yourself a favor, and take the time and effort to make your house cozy this winter. With just a weekend, a few simple purchases, rearranging, or repurposing some of your possessions, you can ensure your home is an oasis. 
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