Nails That Match Everything: New Trends to Try

Are you dying to get back into the nail salon? After many locations closed during the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses are slowly opening back up (with new procedures in place), so you can get the perfect manicure again! Whether you venture back into the salon or decide to try your own styles at home, here are eight cute nail color combos and trends you need to test out!

1. Keep It Simple: Minimalist Nails

You’ve probably watched Marie Kondo on Netflix and learned about minimalist living—but have you heard of minimalist nails? Simple dots, lines and shapes can create the perfect, sophisticated manicure for nails that match everything. Plus, this is an easy nail trend to start with, so you can bolster your skills before moving on to more complex designs.

2. Multiply By Two: The Double French Tip

double french tip nail style

Image source: Beautylish 

A fun twist on the classic manicure, a double french tip is a great way to add a little depth to your nail art. Consider foiling the double line in gold or silver for an extra level of sparkle on an accent finger. Click the image link above for instructions on how to do this trend at home. 

3. Create A Work of Art: Marble Nails

Perfectly mimicking beautiful stonework, marble nails are a must-have nail that provides a subtle pop of pattern. Whether you DIY them or get the help of a professional, these patterns can be used as an accent nail or full set. Marble isn’t just a home interior trend any longer! 

4. Add Some Sass: Animal Print Nails

Animal print nails

Image Source: Glamour UK

Whether it’s a cheetah, cow, leopard or giraffe print—animal patterns took over this past Summer; blame the 90s revival. Now they’re making their way to your salon. We recommend keeping the prints muted so it’s more classy than overdone. (You want to look chic, not like Fran Fine from The Nanny, even though her looks were iconic and we still stand 🙌🏼). 

If you want a more abstract look, ask your manicurist for a “tortoise” print in earth tones. Just like tortoiseshell accessories, the manicure equivalent will give you nails that match everything. 

5. Bring On the Color: Color Blocking French Tips

Red color block french nails

Image Source: Easy Beauty Ideas

Similar to the double french tip technique, color blocking your traditional french tips in vivid hues can offer a retro flair to your nail lewk. It’s a simple switch but offers unexpected fun!

6. Be Bold: Metallic Nails

Metallic nails are the perfect tool to start a conversation because they’re hard to miss. These nails are often best suited to a coffin shape, but can also be done well with an elongated almond shape, too. Consider moving beyond a simple gold or silver and test out a metallic purple or red. You can even revive the rose gold trend. 

7. Show Your Personality: Abstract Nails

Abstract nails

Image Source: Elle Magazine

Can’t pick an aesthetic? Don’t worry; off-the-wall looks are always on-trend. Abstract nails gained significant popularity in the past year and don’t show signs of stopping. These manicures are all about expressing creativity, and there’s no one way to achieve this style! Whatever unique series of lines and shapes you combine, make your nails a creative expression of *YOU*. 

8. Keep it Classic: Matte Finish Nails

While matte finish nails often require slightly more upkeep, the work is worth achieving this chic and understated look. The beauty of matte manicures is that they can complement any outfit and work with various colors and styles. Most gel and dip options can be made matte with a final UV coating from your manicurist. Or check out some of the latest matte polishes from your fave nail brand.

Your Nails, Your Style 

At the end of the day, your nails are an extension of your personal expression! Especially for those of us who work at a computer and stare at our hands as we type away. A fun new manicure can seriously change your entire week! 

I know that when I work from home and prioritize comfort over fashion with my clothes, a chic manicure makes me feel more put together. Whether a new cute color combo or a fun finish like matte—try one of these trends this weekend!

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