Patient-Centered Chiropractic Care Yields Better Results

Modern chiropractic care that encompasses fitness, wellness and lifestyle counseling and direction, often yields better results than traditional methods alone. A conservative, individualized approach can help patients understand which lifestyle choices will have the biggest impact on their performance and wellness.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recently reported 86 percent of our nation’s healthcare costs are used for treating chronic diseases. Heart disease, type II diabetes, obesity and arthritis are all major drivers of the rising healthcare costs and they are also the most common, costly and preventable health problems. Many researchers now believe chronic diseases and conditions are partially related to diet. It’s also been reported the Standard American Diet (SAD) lacks proper nutrition as processed foods containing chemically-altered fats can give the human body the wrong signals. It’s important to fuel the body with the necessary nutrients that fight off disease and help us to grow and develop.

Now more than ever patients are seeking holistic, alternative medicine as opposed to invasive procedures for pain management and full-body wellness. Modern chiropractic care aims to focus on maximizing the performance and wellness of all patients. This individualized approach requires an objective diagnosis of each patient in order to target and treat underlying conditions. Physiological therapeutic treatments beyond spinal manipulation hep to correct immediate causes of pain as well as fundamental causes of pain. Chiropractic care could be the solution to your health problems, after all–illness is more expensive than wellness.

Caroline Liller

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