4 Places To Find Positive News In A Mad, Mad World

If your Facebook news feed is anything like mine, it’s overwhelmed by negative news. Lying politicians, gossip and accusations, insult-slinging talking heads, crime, security concerns and fears, bullying…will it ever end?

Here at Carpe Daily, we emphasize positive and constructive stories (we hope you enjoy them!) If you’re looking for more sources for good news to start your day, here are some great online outlets you can check out.

Good News Network publishes about half a dozen positive and uplifting news stories every day. In addition, they have sections highlighting positive news stories from previous years and user contributed content.

The Huffington Post has a positive news column with some great content, although unfortunately it’s not posted to very often.

HooplaHa – Only Good News YouTube channel offers a steady supply of positive and uplifting video news. Here is one of their recent videos:

Caroline Liller

Caroline has experience in digital marketing, content marketing and public relations. She earned a bachelor of arts degree in journalism/PR from The University of South Carolina. When not working, she enjoys traveling, being active and exploring her hometown.

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