5 Tips and Tricks to Spruce Up Your Kitchen

The kitchen is more than a room where you prepare your meals. It should be the heart of your home, as the command center and a dining area where a family spends most of their time together. Clearly, it’s very important to always feel good in your kitchen, but fear not, dated décor rarely justifies a complete overhaul.

Here are some tips and tricks that will help you quickly spruce up your kitchen space. You can liven up the room quite easily with a new coat of paint, add some new handy features or extra lighting, or even build that window seat you’ve always wanted. Here are some interesting ideas that you can try out.

1. A New Coat of Paint

coat of paint

If your kitchen is too dark and gloomy or plain and boring, it might be time to breathe new life into it. If your cabinet doors and frames are in good shape, you don’t need to replace anything—a little elbow grease and a fresh coat of paint will do wonders. With the help of some sandpaper, the right solvent and a paintbrush you will transform that kitchen from dark to sunny in no time.

This quick DIY project will cost you way less than even the cheapest set of cabinets on the market and the satisfaction it provides is really something that you can’t put a price tag on.

2. Sliding Shelves

sliding shelves

If you have storage space in your base cabinets that’s difficult to reach, consider adding one of these clever shelves that can be pulled out. It is basically a shallow drawer that glides forward and enables easy access to the useful stuff you long forgot existed. If you are not sure about installing rails and other intricate machinery yourself, a professional will always be happy to help you out.

3. Under-cabinet Lighting

cabinet lighting

Adequate lighting is something most kitchens lack. Arguably the simplest, yet most elegant solution is undercabinet lighting. These hidden fixtures are placed beneath the wall-mounted cabinets, so that they can bathe your countertop in beautiful bright light. Dicing meat and veggies or reading your recipes will never be the same again. If you are a midnight eater, why not add a dimmer switch to the circuit and create a dramatic effect or a suitable night light. Installing is a breeze — you needn’t worry about those stripped wires either as long as you flip the kill-switch in the breaker box before you set to work.

4. Plate Rack

plate rack

Everyone leaves their dishes tucked away in closed cabinets, but if you have a set of plates in vibrant colors, you may as well put them on display. A plate rack will not only add aesthetic appeal to your kitchen, but it can also free up some much-needed storage space inside the cabinets.

5. Install a Window Seat

window seat

Window seats are very attractive when they are placed in kitchens, however, they are nowhere near as popular as they should be. A skilled carpenter will happily build a custom dresser that doubles as a seat and matches your existing furniture. Here’s a chance to break the norm: ask around as there really is no better place for that morning coffee.

Step up your decorating game with these easy DIY ideas that can make your kitchen stand out. These simple tricks can really help you improve that all-important corner of your home. So don’t procrastinate any longer, make a list of the things you’ll need, and get your hands dirty!

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