Give Better Birthday Gifts: Consider These 10 Subscription Services

Before we know it, the holiday gift-giving season will be upon us! With experts promising supply chain shortages that could impact the holiday season — you may need to shop early and think outside the (gift) box. Subscription services can offer a fun alternative, plus provide the gift that keeps on giving for months after the holidays. In addition, these make for excellent year-round presents for birthdays, Mother’s/Father’s Day and other occasions. 

Some of the best subscription services have been hidden gems for too long, and they deserve your attention. Our biggest takeaway? There’s a box for everyone, from the outdoorsman to pet owner or yoga enthusiast. Use these top ten subscription services as inspo for your holiday shopping or gifting needs. 

1. For Purpose: Alltrue

Price: $49.95 – $54.95 per Box

With a motto to “look good, feel good and do good,” Alltrue is the perfect investment for those that value ethical consumption, fair trade and quality products. This company was formerly known as Causebox before going through a recent rebrand. 

Subscribers can customize their box according to their product preferences and have access to the Members-Only Market, where you can purchase many of the products from their subscription services at a discounted rate.

2. For Fitness: Musclebox

Price: $24.00 + Shipping per Box

If you started your year with a resolution to improve your personal fitness, you probably understand how exercise is only half the battle. What we eat and the nutrients or supplements we consume can have a big impact on our progress. Musclebox helps you tackle both sides of that equation with apparel, workouts, healthy snacks and recipes delivered right to your door.

3. For Fashion: Stitch Fix

Price: $20.00 Styling Fee + Custom Box Cost Range

A favorite for fashionistas, Stitch Fix, is one of the best clothing and apparel subscription services that gives you access to personalized support and advice to build your new wardrobe. With options for men, women and kids, everyone can find something they love.

4. For Decor: Decorated

Price: $79.99 Quarterly Cost or $299.99 Annual Cost

If you’re tired of getting your throw pillows and picture frames from Target, why not try a subscription box instead? Decorated takes out the guesswork of making your house feel like a home and sends seasonal, stylish accent pieces right to your door.

5. For Pets: BarkBox

Price: $23.00 – $35.00 per Box

If you’re getting some gifts delivered to your front door, why not send a little love to your dog, too? Your fluffy friend might appreciate the extra treats, toys or other fun surprises each month. Also, consider adding essentials to your box subscription to cut down on pet store visits.

6. For Nature: Cairn

Price: $31.99 – $34.99 per Box

Love spending time outside, or want to kickstart a new outdoor hobby? Cairn offers a box subscription with products from top brands like Cotopaxi, Detour Sunglasses, Chums and RXBARS to give you everything you need for a day in the mountains.

7. For Fishing: Mystery Tackle Box

Price: $19.99 – $39.99 per Box

As one of the leading online fishing supply companies, Karl’s Bait & Tackle has released a new subscription box option for fishing enthusiasts to replenish their gear stock and try new items. Boxes can be customized to a specific fish species—like bass, inshore water, panfish, trout or walleye—to make sure you get exactly what you need this season.

8. For Yoga: Buddhibox

Price: $39.95 per Box + Shipping

Set aside time each month to find your zen with Buddhibox’s yoga subscription box. Choose whether you’d like to receive the monthly Yoga Box, quarterly Jewelry Box or the monthly Essential Oils Box to tailor your relaxation to your personal preferences.

9. For Sustainability: GreenUP Box

Price: $39.95 per Box

Want to purchase a subscription kit and save the planet, too? GreenUP boxes are filled with sustainable goods that limit plastic consumption and increase recycling practices. Their mission is to help keep our oceans healthy while making your home a safer, cleaner place to be.

10. For Self Care: FabFitFun

Price: $45.00 – $49.99 per Box

Okay, so you want to take a little time to yourself? No problem. FabFitFun is the gift box built for self-care enthusiasts and those who just want to take a little personal break from the craziness of their daily routine. From daily planners to candles and fuzzy socks, FabFitFun will remind you to fall in love with alone time.

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