Sustainability: a Necessity for Future Innovation

Sustainability breakthroughs over the past several years are driving major competition between companies across all sectors in the U.S. By imbedding sustainability into new ideas, eco-friendly business models and corporate culture, companies are finding that their opportunities are endless.

New practices such as resource-efficient, ecological building have developed in direct response to the knowledge that buildings have a negative impact on our environment. Energy-efficient programs that aim to reduce carbon footprints along with lower energy costs are now a necessity.  Ted Rollins, co-chairman and founding Principal of Valeo Groupe, states “Implementing efficiency programs can actually be a low-risk investment because of the accurate projections regarding your anticipated savings.”

In regards to a depleting energy supply and cost-per-kilowatt, companies can no longer afford to underinvest in these types of sustainable efforts.

In addition, sustainability embedded into the corporate culture can potentially attract new consumers who care about a company’s footprint. Those that recognize how natural resources and alternative energy can inspire new business models, will be the most successful.

Holly Rollins

Holly has more than 20 years experience in strategic marketing, content marketing, digital marketing and public relations. She is a style and fashion zealot, loving to travel the world for business and fun, while seeking out the latest cultural and fashion movements. She loves to paint, paddle board and is addicted to Barre workout classes.

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